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Chipotle Marinade
Prep Time:  5 minutes Cook Time:  5 minutes
Yield:  4 Servings
Notes: Chipotles en adobo are available in cans in the Mexican food section of most supermarkets. This pastelike marinade and chilis are terrific on bone-in chicken, short ribs, all pork cuts and boneless turkey cutlets.
Submitted by:  toddwess Directions

1    Combine garlic, finely chopped chipotles, 2 tsp granulated sugar substitute, lime juice, oil, cumin and salt in a bowl. Mix well

Original recipe found here.
6    garlic cloves, minced
4    pieces chipotle en abolo
2 tsp    granular sugar substitute
2 tbsp    fresh lime juice
2 tbsp    extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp    ground cumin
1 tsp    salt