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Cauli-Toast Grilled Cheese
Prep Time:  30 minutes Cook Time:  30 minutes
Yield:  -----
Notes: Haven't tried this one yet, but will update when I have.
Submitted by:  toddwess Directions

1    You will LOVE this bread alternative: rinse and cook about three cups of cauliflower and then use a tea towel to twist out all liquid (which can be a lot!) or your dough will be mushy. Combine with one egg, half a cup of mozzarella cheese, and salt and pepper to taste. Shape into squares and bake @ 450° for sixteen minutes. Once baked and cooled, make a grilled cheese!

Original recipe found here.
3 cups    cauliflower
1    egg
1/2 cup    mozzarella cheese
   salt and pepper to taste